Monday, May 4, 2009

Resident Evil 5: Executioner Majini

Having experienced one extremely positive review and one of the exact opposite, I was wary of the final figure from the Resident Evil 5 Series One: the Executioner Majini. Good thing too, because I definitely had mixed feelings towards this figure. An interesting thing to note: the word "Majini" is plural in Swahili which refers to any number of supernatural creatures (demons, fairies, genies, etc.), but can also mean "wicked people". It is also similar to the Japanese word "majin," which refers to "magical being" or a demonic or evil entity.

Flavor Text:

"The world has learned the meaning of terror. A decade after the events of Raccoon City, the evil Umbrella Corporation has been destroyed but the effects of its horrific creations still linger. Gripped in fear of another biological incident, world governments formed the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance, determined to stem the spread of biological attacks. Now, Agent Chris Redfield has been sent to Africa to investigate reports of a new more dangerous outbreak. Joined by his partner, Sheva Alomar, both must work together to discover what's really happening and stop whoever is continuing Umbrella's evil legacy."

"An enormous Majini who swings around an axe constructed of an iron pole and a guillotine blade. He considers anyone who denies [Plaga] implantation and executes them. He is extremely tough and will not fall from a few gunshots."

"Name: Executioner Majini
Age: -
Height: 235 cm
Weight: 130 kg
Sex: Male
Org.: -"

"Confidential File - 03"

The Good:
  • The level of detail on the Executioner Majini is just amazing. The dark areas where the eyes should be are eerily done in accurate fashion. The sculpt of the bloody nails hammered all over his head and upper torso is just breathtaking. If that's not enough, check out the two big-ass bloody nails going through his back, which is (probably) keeping his stitches together. Although the material of the "torn" apron feels cheap, the overall look fits well with the figure.

  • The level of detail on the guillotine blade is just superb! The sharp edges of the blade covered in blood and the sculpted chains is just outstanding. Even the paint application is done quite nicely (further enhancing the superb sculpt).

  • The pole part of the Executioner's axe fits snugly into the socket of the guillotine blade and can also be removed just as easily.

The Bad:

  • The Executioner has the least amount of articulation from this group (a total of 13). Why does it always seem that RE enemies have the least amount of articulation? His limited articulation reminds me of NECA's archaic days of "swivel arms and hips" articulation. Not very pretty. It would've been nice to have at least a ball-jointed neck and ab-crunch implemented in the Executioner's design. Some joints allowing leg movement would've also made some sense, after all the Executioner's got to chase little runts like Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar around. However, I'm glad the Executioner didn't suffer from the "male" cameltoe as poor Chris did.
  • I had a hard time turning the Executioner's head towards the right-side (I just noticed that the sculpt of his hood is getting in the way of the giant nail stuck in his back).
  • The Executioner has trouble keeping his balance with his heavy guillotine-bladed axe. Due to the weight of his axe, I was limited to only a small number of threatening poses.
  • Lack of accessories (I know that the Executioner is only seen with his axe). But, it would've been a nice touch, if NECA included an additonal set of hands, especially of one where he has the "choke hold" grip. A dusty-looking detailed base would've also been a nice addition.
  • The "meat-hooks" that are placed on the back the Executioner's belt keeps moving around, getting in the way. I would've preferred those damned things to be glued in place (it drives me crazy each time I place the Executioner in a different pose and I end up somehow touching those "meat-hooks").

  • It would've been nice to see smaller patched up scars sculpted onto the Executioner's body (not just one huge scar).
  • I would've also liked to see a more "game-accurate" sculpt of the pole of the guillotine-bladed axe. The plastic brown stick cheapens the highly detailed sculpt of the Executioner.
  • The paint application of the Executioner's apron seems a bit off. I'm pretty sure it was black, and not gray.

The Ugly:

  • Lack of articulation. I mention this again, because NECA really dropped the ball here. The swivel waist just seems so archaic and out of place for a supposedly "articulated" figure. An "ab-crunch" joint would've been the better decision. It was ambitious of NECA to sculpt the Executioner, but to leave him with minimal articulation is just a slap in the face for collectors and RE fans alike.
  • The Executioner's skinny forearms really bothered me. Here's this hulking brute with big-ass shoulders, but he has really skinny forearms. Does that even make any sense? Take a close look at "roid-rage" Chris; he has big shoulders and big forearms to match.

I purchased the entire RE 5 Series One online via eBay for a total of $52.99. I recommend searching through eBay for better deals (but recently noticed that eBay sellers are trying hard to jack people). Go check out (both links bring you to the same website). I think they have the best deal out there so far, and from my experience with them, they ship on time and package your items in a secure manner. Also, check out if you want to purchase the entire set. They're pretty good about packaging and sending out item in a timely manner, but they seem to get their items later than other electronic retailers.


Overall, the Executioner Majini is a disappointment. I know most (okay, ALL) of my suggestions require more materials and involve higher costs, but if a collectibles company wants to produce authentic (or "game-accurate") figures, then it's best to go all in. Sure, the price would be shifted onto consumers, but that's already a given. Produce high-quality figures, charge higher prices. I grow tired of shelling out money for incomplete figures. I really do. Although the Executioner Majini isn't nearly as good as the Chris Redfield figure, I suspect many collectors and RE fans alike will want to make him a part of their collection. After all, who else will Chris want to play with?


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