Saturday, May 30, 2009

Terminator 2: Judgment Day T-800 {Endoskeleton}

I had purchased the "T-800 {Endoskeleton}" figure mainly because I missed out on NECA's first offering under their "Cult Classics Series 3" line. According to NECA's website, it states that "the still-terrifying Endoskeleton has a newly tooled head and improved articulation, with over 20 moving parts and a Plasma Rifle accessory." What isn't mentioned is the exclusion of the highly detailed "Future War Base" that was found packaged with the "Cult Classics" Endoskeleton figure. Despite NECA's tantalizing description of their "new and improved" T-800 {Endoskeleton}, their execution was extremely lacking.

Flavor Text:


Specs: Model T-800 {Endoskeleton}

- Features SKYNET's most advanced control system

- Fully armored in a hyper-alloy sheath around vital areas

- Frictionless bearings in its joints allow the unit to maneuver through its range of motions faster than previous models

- In the event of critical damage, a secondary power source allows the unit a margin of time to complete its mission

- When set to autonomous mode, it can "learn" like a human being, actually becoming more efficient as time goes on"

The Good:
  • The details of the T-800 {Endoskeleton} (pistons and wires found all over the body) are pretty spot on from what I remember from "Terminator 2: Judgment Day".
  • A total of 21 points of articulation: (partially) swivel head, swivel/hinged shoulders, swivel "biceps", hinged elbows, swivel wrists, (limited) swivel waist, (partially) swivel legs, hinged knees, (partially) hinged feet, (open/close) "abdominal area" flap, and (open/close) "shoulder blades". I really don't understand why the Endoskeleton even has those movable parts (referring to the abdominal area and shoulder blades).

The Bad:
  • The paint application on the T-800 {Endoskeleton} isn't that good. There are random stray (and quite visible) black marks.
  • Lack of [working] accessories. It's definitely a great idea to include two [right] hands: 1x grasping the plasma rifle and 1x netural grip. However, the execution failed miserably. The pre-posed grip can't even hold onto its lousy plasma rifle! Why only two right hands? Why not include another left hand as well? Also what happened to the detailed base which was released in the "Cult Classics" line?
  • Judging from the texture and feel of the Endoskeleton figure you can immediately tell it's made from cheap, low-grade [plastic] material. Who in their right mind would agree to pay for that?
  • I just noticed this but the figure isn't balanced well. The Endoskeleton's right shoulder is visibly higher than its left shoulder. Even the (open/close flaps) "shoulder blades" aren't proportionate as well (the left one is higher than the right one). Also the arms are placed in such a way that it looks like the Endoskeleton is hunched over and not standing upright.

The Ugly:

  • I immediately noticed that the Endoskeleton's eyes were sculpted and painted in a way that it looked like it was looking "upwards". I've seen all the photographs of this figure with the eyes staring out from the center. Can anyone explain why NECA decided to have all their Endos peering towards the sky?
  • Seeing photos of the Endoskeleton with its jaw open, I immediately had to try it. Much to my dismay, the jaw had trouble staying open. After "playing" with the jaw for some time, it finally stayed open. However, I noticed the left-side wire around its jaw was sculpted a bit short. It wasn't that big of a deal, but then I began noticing a whole bunch of other flaws.
  • When the T-800 is facing forward, the neck is already turned to the left. I've tried moving the neck back into the correct position, but to no avail. This also prevents the Endoskeleton from turning its head to the left.
  • On the right-hand side of the Endoskeleton's chest area, the long wire wasn't properly connected to the "hole". I tried to move it back into place, but it was already glued out of place. (Great quality control there guys!).
  • What really annoyed me was the pre-posed right hand. It's sculpted to hold the (only accessory) plasma rifle and yet it actually can't! What's the point of including accessories that don't even work? Even the plasma rifle accessory isn't straight, but curved. That's just really lame.

I purchased the "T-800 {Endoskeleton}" figure online via eBay for a total of $21.89. I recommend searching through eBay for better deals (but recently noticed that eBay sellers are trying hard to jack people). Go check out (both links bring you to the same website). I think they have the best deal out there so far, and from my experience with them, they ship on time and package your items in a secure manner. Also, check out if you want to purchase the entire set. They're pretty good about packaging and sending out item in a timely manner, but they seem to get their items later than other electronic retailers.


Overall, the T-800 {Endoskeleton} is a huge disappointment. For those who've already purchased the Endoskeleton from the "Cult Classics" line, you guys got the better deal. For those of you who haven't purchased it, you can find it on eBay. Don't even bother getting the re-released/"re-tooled" Endo. This is definitely not worth the money.


  1. Mine can hold its gun fine. Speaking of the gun, it's straight enough on mine.

    As for the weird eyes, I think that was more of an attempt to capture a "looking at you through his brows" thing, and in that kind of pose it works. And while you had a hard time getting your jaw open? Mine had a hard time staying shut.

    After reading your review I've noticed a few of the same flaws on mine (the crooked shoulders), but I still really like the figure...but to each his own.

  2. And BTW: I've just looked at some online photos of the Cult Classics Endo you mentioned, and from what I could tell it had crooked shoulders too! I'm thinking it's not just this figure's fault, and that they used the same mold on both figures. I don't really notice this unless I look really closely, however.

  3. I guess you're lucky enough to get the better sculpted gun/Endo hand-grip. My gun is crooked, looking like it needs a dose of Viagra....

    As you said, each to his or her own.

  4. "My gun is crooked, looking like it needs a dose of Viagra...."

    Gee, thanks. You just made me squirt Dr. Pepper out of my nose.

    Anyway, the other night I realized how annoyed I was with that cable on his left side that won't stay put, so I decided to do some customizing: I took the little scissors of my pocket knife and cut both the cables, and moved them to where (I hope this makes sense) they go through the piston-beam things on his shoulders like the Hot Toys Endo, and glued them back on. He looks much better, and I can move his left arm without that damn cable popping out!

    I like it a lot but it's a bit of a flawed figure. Today I got my Aliens Warrior figure in the mail (also by NECA, as part of one of their Cult Classics series I believe), and it blows the Endo away in terms of sculpting, detail, paint, and...I dunno, it just feels more solid. Although NECA needs desperately to work on their quality control department - he came a little slack-jawed, but I was able to take care of that with a hair dryer and some cold water, so he doesn't look like Cleetus anymore. Though one little flaw I couldn't correct is a common one: The head's a little crooked. Not that noticable, but it's still there.

    You wanna talk about a gun needing Viagra? This looks like an actual dick!

  5. I wanted to leave a "no comment," but Boing!