Sunday, April 26, 2009

Resident Evil 5: Chris Redfield Review

When I heard news that NECA was going to produce Resident Evil 5 figures, I was like "oh great." This is coming from a hardcore RE collector, who had been disappointed by NECA's previous attempts at their Resident Evil 10th Anniversary Series One and Two line. However, I had heard that their RE 5 Series One line would have far more articulation than their previous figures. Let's just say I was very skeptical, (that is) until I received them in the mail earlier than the estimated dates posed by most of the online retailers.

Flavor Text:

"The world has learned the meaning of terror. A decade after the events of Raccoon City, the evil Umbrella Corporation has been destroyed but the effects of its horrific creations still linger. Gripped in fear of another biological incident, world governments formed the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance, determined to stem the spread of biological attacks. Now, Agent Chris Redfield has been sent to Africa to investigate reports of a new more dangerous outbreak. Joined by his partner, Sheva Alomar, both must work together to discover what's really happening and stop whoever is continuing Umbrella's evil legacy."

"Chris Redfield is an ex-US air force pilot, a natural marksman and he excels at observation. He's well experienced in combat and can handle a wide range of firearms as well as COC. Chris is part of the B.S.A.A. and plans the mission to Africa based on information he received concerning a large B.O.W. (Biological Organic Weapon) trade."

"Name: Chris Redfield
Age: 35
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 98 kg
Sex: Male
Org.: B.S.A.A.
North America Division"

"Confidential File - 02"

The Good:
  • NECA has truly outdone themselves by giving as an articulated ACTION FIGURE! According to the package, Chris has 25 points of articulation. I'd say that's just about right.
  • Just had to point out the fact that the knee joint is ingenious! Having the knee pads cover it up shows how much thought the sculptor has put into this figure. Way to go Jason!
  • I could go on and on about how much painstaking detail went into this figure, but I would like to point out the area under Chris's arms. I don't know what to call them ("breathing holes" perhaps?), but that level of workmanship is just unheard of. Once again, the sculptor's love of his work truly shows.

The Bad:

  • The paint application on Chris's face is just awful (his sickly pale colored face looks more like the zombies he's been fighting throughout his S.T.A.R.S. career).

  • Lack of accessories (Chris only comes with a knife, shotgun, and a pistol). Ummm... if this is supposed to be a "game-accurate" figure, then where are all the other weapons? I also wish they included additional hands, say for instance a clenched fist (so he can do his awesome "punch in the face" pose), a hand that can firmly hold his pistol, and another hand that can properly hold his lovely machete/knife.
  • Non-functional holster. Chris's holster can't secure (the flap won't close) when his pistol is placed in there. What's the point?
  • Re-using the pistol accessory as Chris's (I'm 99% sure that this pistol is the same as Leon Kennedy's). Chris can't also firmly hold the pistol.
  • Once again, Chris (Chris from the 10th Anniversary series; Leon from Resident Evil 4 series) can't hold their knives.
  • I really wish Chris's earpiece was a separate piece (of rubberized plastic) rather than having it permanently sculpted onto his face. (I understand why it was done like that, but a collector can hope).
  • I'm slightly annoyed that Chris came with an already wobbly left wrist. I hope to see better quality control on NECA's part (and I understand how hard it is to do that).

The Ugly:

  • The "male" cameltoe is very disturbing and an unsightly piece of plastic that no collector should ever see again.

I purchased the entire RE 5 Series One online via eBay for a total of $52.99. I recommend searching through eBay for better deals (but recently noticed that eBay sellers are trying hard to jack people). Go check out (both links bring you to the same website). I think they have the best deal out there so far, and from my experience with them, they ship on time and package your items in a secure manner. Also, check out if you want to purchase the entire set. They're pretty good about packaging and sending out item in a timely manner, but they seem to get their items later than other electronic retailers.


Overall, Chris Redfield is one hell of an AMAZING entry into the Resident Evil 5 franchise. It's really an amazing action figure. I'd recommend getting two (one to play with and display, the other to keep for collector's sake).