Saturday, April 28, 2012

Custom Figure (In-Progress): Dead Space Military Rig

Just wanted to apologize for my lack of updating this site with any figure reviews.  I promise you that I have a few lined up but needs extra time.

In the meantime, check out my "work-in-progress" of the Military RIG from Dead Space (video game).

I so badly wanted this figure, and none of the toy companies had any plans for this, hence this!

Recipe (so far):

- Dead Space Isaac Clarke figure

Tools used (so far):

- Apoxie Sculpt (A+B) 2 oz
- Stanley "Hobby Knife" (aka Xacto Knife)

Let me know if anyone has tips on customizing figures, etc.  Thanks!

Current "work-in-progress"

Reference photo pulled from the Internet

Finally covered most of Isaac's head

"Right-side" profile of Isaac's head

"Left-side" profile of Isaac's head

"Back" of Isaac's head

Isaac's "right-side" shoulder pad

Isaac's "left-side" shoulder pad

Overall look of WIP so far...