Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bioshock 2: Ladysmith Splicer Figure Review

It's been some time since the first wave of Bioshock 2 figures were released.  I was thoroughly impressed with the Big Daddy Deluxe figure.  However, the other figures... well... I wasn't as interested in.  After what seemed like a really long time, the second wave of Bioshock 2 figures have finally been released.  I had the Ladysmith Splicer figure pre-ordered for a long time, which I now have in my grubby paws.  So, was she worth the wait?  Eh... in some ways she is, but in more ways she's not.

Flavor Text:

"Once she was the talk of the town - a high-profile socialite whose wit was her weapon among Rapture's elite.  As the city fell from grace, so did she - becoming addicted to ADAM, splicing herself stronger and faster to feel safe in the streets.  She resents having to eat refuse and scrabble for ADAM, but ultimately, she's a survivor.  As a 'Leadhead', she pelts her enemies with bursts of tommy-gun fire between vicious verbal barbs."

The Good:

  • Ladysmith Splicer comes with several accessories: rolling pin, "bunny" mask, tommy-gun, and a [small] standard plastic base.
  • It's no surprise to see NECA's ability to recreate an exact replica of the video game [enemy] character into plastic form.  Everything about the Ladysmith Splicer is "game-accurate."

  • I just love how much NECA's sculptors paid attention to the texture and coloring of the "washed out" and deteriorated clothing worn by the now mutant-looking Ladysmith Splicer.  Just amazing.

  • I really love the incorporation of the "bunny" mask accessory.  No splicer is complete without one.  However, the one included isn't as scary and deranged-looking as the ones first seen in the first Bioshock video game.
  • Surprisingly, the Ladysmith Splicer figure has very little paint application problems, which is always a plus in my book.

The Bad:

  • Unfortunately, Ladysmith Splicer has an unimpressive 6 POINTS OF ARTICULATION: ball-jointed neck, ball-jointed shoulders, swivel elbows, and ball-jointed waist.  Although I expected this, I'm still somewhat disappointed that NECA didn't try and incorporate more articulation for what is considered a staple character in the Bioshock universe.  Swivel wrists and perhaps swivel legs would've made fine additions to the Splicer's overall articulation count.

  • I really despise "swivel elbow" articulation because it looks makes the sculpt look awkward and doesn't really help with posing.  However, I will grudgingly admit that in this case, the "swivel elbow" articulation works without being too much of a distraction.

  • I love the fact that NECA included the well-known "bunny" mask accessory.  However, I am annoyed at how badly this was incorporated into the figure.  If you examine the "inside" of the mask, you'll see a little "hook" on the left side which is supposed to hang in a little groove of the Ladysmith Splicer's hair.  Unfortunately, the "bunny" mask has a hard time staying on almost 99% of the time.  It's possible (however very unlikely) that my mask accessory is busted.  I think it has more to do with the poor design behind the mask.  An alternate head with the mask on would've been a much better [and safer] idea.

The Ugly:

  • Actually there is something.  Yes, you can look up the Ladysmith Splicer's skirt, but I highly recommend against it.  See?  No pics for you.

I purchased this figure from for $14.99 (price doesn't include S&H).  I recommend ordering this figure from (last I checked, they charge the lowest price of $13.99 individually).  They're really good about packaging and sending out items in a timely manner, and they seem to get their items a little earlier than most electronic retailers I've dealt with.  However, they are a bit inconsistent when it comes to notifying you when your items have been shipped.  You can also find these on eBay at a slightly higher cost (damn you pesky S&H)!


Overall, NECA's Ladysmith Splicer is a nice continuation of the Bioshock 2 franchise.  However, the minimal articulation for such an unusually spry character hurts the overall value of this figure.  The inclusion of the rolling pin accessory is an interesting and yet funny addition (I don't remember any of the Splicers carrying such a weapon).  Despite the lack of articulation and trouble keeping the "bunny" mask on, this figure is most likely a necessary part of your Bioshock collection amongst your other Big Daddy and Little Sister figures.