Wednesday, January 3, 2018

S.H.Figuarts Wonder Woman (Justice League) Figure Review

First Impressions:

The wait is finally over!
I've been waiting for what seems forever for a fully detailed, heavily articulated Wonder Woman in figure form.  When I first saw pre-orders for the S.H.Figuarts Wonder Woman figure, my mind was blown.  The facial likeness and the detailed accessories had me sold instantly.  It was only a matter of shopping around for the best price.  The packaging is the usual fare from S.H.Figuarts where most of the figure is visible through the "window" packaging, while the rest of the package covers the rest of the accessories.


Do NOT piss her off!
Freaking AMAZING!  That's all I can say about the overall sculpt of this figure.  The digital printing of Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman is spot on!  Both the "neutral" or resting bitch-face (I kid) and "angry" faces are just simply amazing.  WW's iconic chest armor and skirt have really nice textures and details right from the (awful) Justice League movie.  The accessories are equally nicely sculpted and are a pleasure to have.  They even sculpted the slight indentations of Gal Gadot's butt (mind blown again)!


"Loose...footloose.... I mean loose sword and shield ::sob::sob::"
Wonder Woman comes with the following: two extra sets of hands (two grip hands, and two open-palm hands), alternative "angry" face, coiled up lasso (which can be hung on the belt hook), uncoiled lasso, shield, and sword.  The biggest issue I have is WW's sword.  I see promo photos of WW holding the sword in her right hand posted online as well as the photos on the back of the packaging.  Unfortunately, her right "grip" hand holds the sword very loosely.  Actually, the grip portion of the sword should've been thicker.  ::insert sad face::

A little wide and too loose.
Thankfully, WW comes with the standard printed instructions with nice illustrations and accompanied by mostly Japanese and some English.  However, the instructions didn't really help me with inserting the shield onto WW's left arm.  The problem with the shield accessory is that her left "grip" hand needs some adjusting in order to fit the handle into her hand (and because I'm lazy).  Also the handle portion of the shield should've been tighter so at least the arm could stabilize the overall balance of the shield.  The lasso (of Truth?) fit in her hands nicely, but I have yet to find a great pose for WW with that particular accessory.

"This is the body of a monster!"
Interestingly, to switch faces, you have to remove the top portion of WW's hair, then pull off her head, which leaves you with the rest of her hair resting on the ball-joint.


::insert Wonder Woman movie theme song::
WW has the standard articulation for an S.H.Figuarts with an additional "butterfly" joint which can be distracting to some collectors (as read in some of the comments posted online in some forums).  However, I can overlook that because it gives her the ability to do even more poses with her arms (always a plus in my book).

The biggest problem is WW's hair, which restricts most of her head movement.  However, this can be solved by just twisting her hips and/or upper chest.


The overall paint application is just really well done.  I saw some flecks of paint on her arm when I first received her through the mail, but thankfully, it came off when I brushed it away.  The dull matte paint application on WW's chest armor and skirt really make it look its movie-counterpart.  However, the paint on WW's leg armor looks out of place with the bright red paint application.  Judging from the movie stills and promotional posters of the Justice League movie, the color of her leg armor isn't accurate (it should've matched the red in her chest armor).

**I forgot to mention that WW's current skin tone makes Gal Gadot look a little too pale and unwell.  A little darker shade would be a huge improvement.**


"Talk to the lasso!"
This IS the Wonder Woman figure that we've all been waiting for what seems to be a long long time.  I highly recommend this figure over any other 6-inch figure.  Get it now (my photos do NOT do this figure any justice ::get it?::  Justice?  HA!)!  P.S. I really hope they make a Gal Gadot in her training gear....


Score: (5 out of 5)