Sunday, March 11, 2012

One Piece Logbox (Marineford): Boa Hancock Figure Review

Flavor Text:

Regarding the characters, there's actually none.  Whatever is written all over the packaging is in Japanese.


I admit I was deceived by the amazing photos of the actual figure.  Unfortunately, in hand, Boa Hancock looks nothing like Boa Hancock.  Although that's expected (to some degree), the facial sculpt could've been better.  For better reference, feel free to click here or just Google it.  Since Hancock is almost entirely in one piece (that was not an intended pun), only her outstretched right-arm needs be placed into the socket of her right shoulder.

While it's understandable to have part of Hancock's feet extended so that it can be placed into the base, it still looks very ugly and distracting.  Unfortunately, when I placed her into the base, she had a hard time staying in.  The best advice I can give you is to push the tips of her toes into the base.

On the other hand, Hancock's pet snake, Salome is the complete opposite in that its sculpt is pretty accurate.  Salome retains his/her goofy smile, and both the detailing and texture of its skull [helmet?] is right on the money.  I can definitely say that without Salome, the overall figure would fall apart.

Salome too has the protruding parts allowing it be placed onto the figure base.  Fortunately, they fit perfectly and don't cause any trouble pushing them in.  Just remember to place the Hancock figure in first, then insert Salome, otherwise you'll have one hell of a difficult time.


Hancock has no articulation whatsoever (the same thing applies to her pet Salome).  All of her parts have been molded and cast into pre-posed pieces.  Hancock's pose is pulled from the "Marineford" arc/chapter where Luffy is trying to rescue his brother Ace from his execution.  For those who don't follow the manga/anime, Hancock's pose is what the manga characters refer to as her "looking down pose" (Hancock looks down upon someone to the extreme that she leans backwards, facing the sky).

Paint Application:

There are a few (but very visible) marks on Hancock's forehead.  Salome has a bunch of misapplied paint applications all over its body (streaks and paint applications going over the intended snake's scales, etc.).  Although I can be quite.... fussy about paint applications, I realize that this is a gashapon toy, so we really can't be sweating the details.


Hancock comes with a tiny booklet (one-side is in black and white with instructions for a totally different figure and the other side is in color showing off other figures in this particular series).  She also comes with a "mystery figure" which is of Ace (Luffy's older brother) who is being brutally murdered with a fiery fist piercing his chest (this figure is from Chapter 573 of One Piece titled "The Current Age is Named Whitebeard").


People have complained that this packaging is too flimsy, but I didn't have this problem (this is due to the fact that I purchased this figure already pulled from the box).  I believe these figures come in sets of 6 or more per box.  Since these figures are appropriately called "blind-boxed", you'll never know what you're going to get until you open the package.  What I do find appealing about this package is that it's appropriately shaped as a barrel (to a certain extent).


I purchased this from an overseas eBay seller but can't seem to recall how much I paid for it.  Judging from the current eBay postings, I'm assuming I paid at least $19.99 with free shipping and handling.  If you want to purchase a quality Boa Hancock figure doing her "look down" pose, I suggest purchasing the upper-scale version: Bandai's Figuarts Zero "One Piece" Boa Hancock (Toei) Limited Version.

The Good:

* Boa Hancock in plastic form!
* Overall color scheme is very pleasing to the eyes.

The Bad:

* Face doesn't look anything like Boa Hancock.
* No articulation (but that's expected for this type of figure).
* Minimal sloppy paint applications and stray marks.

The Ugly:

* It's a gashapon "blind-box" figure, what did you expect?


Score: 2.5 (out of 5)

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