Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mass Effect 3 (Series 2): Miranda Lawson Collector Action Figure

First Impressions:

Initially, I was still in "we finally got a Miranda figure" train-of-thought and felt a little weak in my knees when I had the packaging in my hands.  After the effects of euphoria wore off, I was pretty confused with the packaging itself.  I admit I've only played "Mass Effect 2" but I had no clue as to why the packaging was shaped in the form of Tali'Zorah [vas Normandy].  Also the clamshell packaging is way too big for a figure that small.  You'll notice "Normandy SR-2 Weapons Locker" which shows off Miranda's pistol accessory on one side of  the packaging and "Normandy SR-2 Armory" which will have a code for downloadable content for Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer on the other side.


At first glance, the figure does resemble Miranda.  However, after a minute or so, the resemblance starts to fade away.  The major problem here is that the size of her face/head has shrunk.  Because her face has been slimmed, the rest of her features have been squished.  Also her eyes don't line up (her right eye is higher than her left one).  The way her lips are sculpted makes it look like Miranda is tight-lipped about something.  However, everything else (the body) is nicely sculpted and looks to be "game-accurate."

I really love how well the sculpt of Miranda's chest came out (well-proportioned on a slim body).  The hexagonal patterns sculpted all over her came out okay, but I think they should've been slightly bigger.  Both the "pelvic" portion and upper thigh area of her uniform lack the "dotted" detailing.  

Although both of Miranda's hands are sculpted to hold the pistol accessory, only her right hand will grip the pistol "correctly."  Unfortunately, Miranda has quite the butterfingers and will drop the pistol in no time.

Interestingly, the belt wrapped around Miranda's waist is glued to her left-side, which easily came off and left an unsightly mess.

Strangely, Miranda can't stand straight up, due to the sculpt of her feet.  It seems the only way to stand her up (without the help of a figure stand/base) is to position her left foot a little forward and position the right foot a little back.  While the figure stand does a great job of ensuring Miranda stays on top of things, trying to fit Miranda's right foot onto the short peg on the basic figure stand is quite a chore.  You'll notice that her heel from the right foot can't rest on the base due to the design of the peg.


Miranda comes with a total of two accessories (not including the downloadable content for Mass Effect 3): (1x) pistol and (1x) basic figure stand.


This is where the figure completely falls flat.  Miranda has the following: ball-jointed neck, ball-hinged shoulders, swivel upper-biceps, hinged elbows, swivel wrists, hinged hips, and hinged knees.  An ab-crunch joint or at least a swivel waist would've been a fine (and necessary) addition, but this wasn't to be for poor Miranda.

Due to the poorly executed sculpt of Miranda's otherwise gorgeous hair, it will be hard to move her head around.  However, once you're able to move her head around, you'll notice how loose her head's become. 

PLEASE NOTE: When moving joints, be extremely careful.  Actually don't even bother with the articulation since the joints become very loose after a very short period of time.  I've tested Miranda's joints for a few seconds and her right elbow joint became really loose and eventually fell off.

As for her hinged hips, their movement is (surprise!) restricted by two things: 1. the sculpt of her Cerberus uniform and 2. (believe it or not) her butt. The combination of Miranda's hinged hips and sculpt of her tight-fitting [untucked] top Cerberus's uniform, prevent her from sitting down in the proper ninety-degree angle.  I imagine the sculpt of Miranda's "buns of steel" was to cover the unsightly hinged hips articulation.


The paint application for Miranda's face matches her pale beauty with a nice touch of blush near her cheeks.  Strangely, her white Cerberus uniform is painted [dirty] grey.  In certain portions of her body, the black paint application starts bleeding into the grey portion of Miranda's uniform.  I do appreciate seeing the Cerberus symbol accurately placed right above her left breast, as well as the two symbols on both sides near her armpit areas.  Unfortunately, the grey paint is noticeably smeared onto Miranda's cleavage.

For reasons unknown, the details on Miranda's [left-side] belt are present (I'm referring to the white rectangles that partially wrap around her waist), while the same design is missing on the right-side of her belt.  The white outlining of the black-colored "choker" is missing as well.


I purchased this figure online via eBay for $23.00 not including shipping and handling.  Pretty expensive, I know, but what can I say?  I'm a sucker for female figures.  You may be able to find Miranda for cheaper at your favorite online retailer or nearby comic shop.


This is just one of many things where the wait isn't worthwhile.  If you're a huge Mass Effect fan, getting this will be a no-brainer.  However, just be sure to clear some space for this overly-sized package.  If you've already purchased this and currently regretting it, hey, at least you have some spare parts for your customs.


Score: (2 out of 5)

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